A local lady on International Women’s Day

Researching the local history of places around the West Midlands often reveals interesting people from the past – significant not just to that area but to a much wider history.  To celebrate International Women’s Day Mrs History has chosen Cristina, daughter of Edward the Exile as our local lady. Cristina owned the manor of Ulverley at the time of the Domesday Book, 1086. Ulverley was one of two settlements in the area that became the town of Solihull.  


Cristina (c1040-1100)

She was the daughter of Edward the Exile and sister of Edgar AEtheling (the proclaimed, but uncrowned King of England in 1066). Cristina (born in Hungary) was exiled to Scotland but returned to England sometime before 1086. She lived at a nunnery in Romsey Abbey near Southampton and around this time gave evidence in the case of whether Henry I could marry her niece Edith (later Matilda).  

As one of the last members of the Saxon royal family Cristina is a significant person in history. In a time of Norman supremacy in England, Cristina appears to retain some power and influence. The marriage of her niece to Henry I of England ensured the Anglo-Saxon line continued in the times following the Norman conquest. 

To find out more about how people from history have enriched your school’s local area, contact Mrs History at mrshistory.org.uk.


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