Mrs History comes to your classroom.  Our sessions are up to two hours in duration, and can cater for 15-60 pupils at one time.

Mrs History staff are DBS checked and have full public liability insurance. We supply the school with a session plan with learning objectives, a key word list and follow on activities.  Our sessions include a wide vocabulary of everyday historical terms.

Sessions can include many other curriculum areas including literacy, numeracy, art & design, science and geography. Our workshops cater for a variety of learning styles.

Sessions begin with an introduction and timeline, followed by a carousel of group activities.  Object handling is central to all of our sessions.  The workshops are designed to enrich subjects currently being taught in class and are an excellent way of reinforcing key facts and subject understanding and will enhance learning through experience.

As costs and risk assessing visits to offsite venues increases, Mrs History, as a class visitor, is able to bring historic and replica objects to you.  Our museum backgrounds enable us to deliver sessions in a contextual way and to create understanding in stimulating well paced workshops.

Mrs History sessions are designed to ensure pupils can get on their feet and move around however big or small the space is.  Object handling enhances pupils’ understanding of evidence and analysis and adds value to historic content. Mrs History sessions offer a lively, exciting and memorable enhancement to daily classroom delivery.

Additionally we can develop Resource Boxes to provide objects and learning materials for use in classrooms or in museums and heritage venues.

This fantastic day, from which the whole school benefitted, has opened up World War I for the children and stimulated much discussion and debate.

V Emmanuel, Brindley Heath Junior School, Kinver

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