Our Sessions

All Mrs History sessions include object handling and investigation. We can include role play and the opportunity for pupils to move around between different activities.

We make local history links where relevant and will compare and contrast with life today.  Social history and the day- to- day lives of people are key areas in our workshops.   We ask pupils to be enquiring and to think about how they might have felt, reacted or behaved.  We place each subject within a chronology and use historic vocabulary appropriate to each age group.

Mrs History can provide sessions covering the following topics.  Please contact us to discuss other subject areas not mentioned here:

Sessions can be themed around ‘A Day in the Life’ or more specific areas such as domestic life, rich & poor, change & continuity.  Mrs History works with you to design workshops that will complement your teaching in class.

Exhibit! – this exciting cross curriculum session gives pupils the opportunity to be a curator.  They will choose objects for a themed exhibition, write the labels and introductory text, weigh and measure objects for cataloguing and display them for viewing and give guided tours of their exhibits.

Assemblies – Mrs History can deliver a history assembly for your school either as an exciting introduction to a topic or a stand alone, informative subject assembly.

Just a note to say a big thank you for the Mrs History session you held recently.  My daughter came home from school and was really positive about it.  She really enjoyed being an active participant and seeing the artefacts.  She definitely seems to have learned a lot and has shown a real enthusiasm about the topic since.

Year 5 Parent, Ancient Egypt session

Booking and Session Information


Sessions can be delivered in your classroom, the school hall or library.  We usually require 2-3 tables for the objects and around 3-4 stations for group work if this is part of the booking.  We are very flexible in our approach.


We supply most materials and equipment – although we may ask you to supply whiteboard access, paper, colouring pens and pencils and glue.


Click here for further information


Almost all of our objects are available to be handled.  However a few of the historic pieces are too sensitive or fragile to be touched and these are used for display purposes only.


After an initial telephone or email enquiry we will email a booking form.  Session plans  are emailed a in advance of our visit.


90 mins – 2 hour, in school sessions begin at £225.00.

Costs cover the session delivery, printed keyword list and printed follow on activities.

Sessions can be delivered to a class, a year group, a key stage or a school to suit timetabling and budgets.

For all bookings please contact us for a no obligation quote using the contact form below or using information on our Contact Us page.


Invoices are emailed after the session or hand delivered to the school office on the day of our visit.

 Contact Mrs History

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