Local History & History Ambassadors

Planning and delivering the local history aspect of the History curriculum can be time consuming for teachers.  Discovering the historic details of a school’s locality can require researching many sources even before creating resources and materials for teaching the topic.

Mrs History has worked with a number of schools across Birmingham and Solihull and Staffordshire to develop resources for local history teaching including design and delivery of bespoke Local History Walks for Key Stages 1 and 2.

….thank you for an interesting, informative and thoroughly enjoyable walk.  

We all got so much out of it and it will inform much of our teaching for this half-term.  

Year 2 teacher, Druids Heath, Birmingham

Our local history sessions encourage children to become street detectives.  They consider buildings, streets and features that they pass everyday from a historic viewpoint and are often surprised at what they can discover on their own doorsteps.

Each session is tailored to the school, its local area and key themes identified by the teaching staff.  Mrs History local walks and resources highlight significant historic events and people where relevant. Key historic periods such as the Victorians, Tudors and even prehistory are also included where possible.  Materials, shapes, colours, numbers and the natural environment also contribute to our lively sessions.

Mrs History walks often organise routes that allow for visits to buildings of history within the locality.

Follow up sessions can also be arranged back in the classroom where children produce a piece of work with Mrs History staff to illustrate their discoveries.  These sessions also include some hands on experience through object and materials handling.

History Ambassadors

Over the past few years our local history sessions have shown us how proud and interested children are by the history on their doorsteps.  History Ambassadors is an exciting new way for schools to capitalise on this enthusiasm whilst developing pupils’ presentation and writing skills.

History Ambassador sessions, initially developed as part of Birmingham Heritage Week, comprise four, unique Mrs History visits.  On the first week, children explore their local history through an interactive walk.  In further sessions scripts are developed and presentation skills taught to take the class through to a presentation in week four – something for parents, carers and staff to enjoy. Packages can be adapted to suit individual schools and Mrs History are happy to liaise with people in the locality to gain permission to access buildings often inaccessible to the public.

 The guided walk was fantastic. It was very informative and the pupils absolutely loved it.  We have really enjoyed the sessions and are glad that we booked them. We will definitely look into booking some more work.

History Ambassadors, Year 5 Teacher

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