About Us

Jane McArdle and Rachel Hunter Rowe are Mrs History.  They have over 40 years combined experience, working in historic properties, museums, stately homes and buildings of faith spanning over 700 years of history.  Their work within the West Midlands has given them a keen interest and knowledge of the region’s local history.



They feel strongly about making history meaningful and relevant and are skilled at bringing the past alive for a wide range of users.  They believe that objects play an important role in well taught and engaging history lessons.

 “Being able to handle historic and replica objects bring historic subjects to life in a way that cannot be achieved through just looking at books or pages on the internet.  There’s something about holding something of history that can spark the imagination in a very powerful way”.  Rachel Hunter Rowe

“For children it is an excellent way of reinforcing a historic topic and can be a great way of enabling them to empathise with people from the past – and compare similarities with their own lives”.  Jane McArdle

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