Birmingham Heritage Week 2018


It was a pleasure to attend the launch of Birmingham Heritage Week and to catch up with folk who care so much about the heritage of the city.

Birmingham Heritage Week is an annual festival bringing a whole host of heritage related activity to everyone.  Heritage Week is co-ordinated excellently by Birmingham Museums Trust, funded by generous sponsors and delivered by a huge range of partners and volunteers. Every year, new stories of our heritage are being shared.

When not sharing our past with schools and communities Mrs History loves nothing more than learning about new things! This year some of our highlights will be a talk by Darren Share on the History of Birmingham Parks at Aston Hall on Saturday 15th, a street art graffiti Walk with the brilliant Tracey Thorne and a tour of mid C20th architecture in the city called Shopping in the Sixties.

We’d love to catch the tour under Spaghetti Junction, one of the most iconic landmarks in the city, and to get a peak of The Bournville Quaker Meeting House.

The launch itself was held at The Roundhouse, a new joint venture between The National Trust and The Canals and River Trust. They aim to breathe new life into one of Birmingham’s old working buildings.  At the heart of the canal network, The Roundhouse was originally a stables for horses working on the canals and later was a storage depot for all sorts of items such as The Shakespeare Memorial Library! There are exciting plans for the site including its role as a hub from which visitors can explore our city by bike or by boat!! Who needs a sea front to set sail?! Certainly not Birmingham!


The Roundhouse The National Trust

Birmingham Heritage Week 6-16 September 2018 and is open to everyone

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