Assistant Headteacher, Birmingham
If I’d had history lessons like this when I was at school I would have enjoyed the subject so much more.
Year 5 teacher, Birmingham
It has been a delight and a pleasure to have you both coming in and working with our pupils. They have loved this project and sharing what they have learnt with parents and peers.
I, myself also enjoyed working with you both. So thank you, it has been much appreciated.
Year 3 Pupil, Birmingham
PLEASE can you come back tomorrow?
History Ambassadors – Presentation Week
Parent of Year 6 child
When we take our dog for a walk my son tells me about all the local history he learned on the trip with you.
History Ambassadors – Local History Walk
Year 5 child when asked what he enjoyed most about the walk
I enjoyed two things.  Everything and everything!
Engaging Family Audiences Training
Volunteer Development Team Leader, Birmingham Museums Trust
Two weeks after the delivery of Mrs History’s Engaging Family Audience’s training course one of our volunteers received excellent praise. A visitor commented that she was very impressed with how the volunteer had managed to engage with all members of the family and made them all feel special within the space of a few minutes- she promised she would be returning as a result! The volunteer had taken the tips from the training and delivered excellent customer service
Year 2 Local History Walk
Year 2 Teacher, Druids Heath, Birmingham

Thank you so much for a fantastic trip!  We all got so much out of it and it will inform much of our teaching for this half-term.  We’re doing some sequencing tomorrow  with the pictures we took, moving on to diary entries later in the week…

Once again thank you for an interesting, informative and thoroughly enjoyable walk.  I will be recommending your services to future Year 2 classes and, of course, other key stages!

Year 3 Stone Age session
Museum Observer
I thought the session was really well executed and I liked the structure, with the talk at the start, the time-line and then the smaller breakout sessions- I thought they worked especially well and the children were attentive all the way through. They loved it!
Well done- it’s a great local resource.

Smiling children waiting to handle some Egyptian artefacts

Ready to handle some ancient Egyptian artefacts

Comments from parents following a recent Ancient Egypt session
  • Just a note to say a big thank you for the Mrs History session you held recently.  My daughter came home from school and was really positive about it.  She really enjoyed being an active participant and seeing the artefacts.  She definitely seems to have learned a lot and has shown a real enthusiasm about the topic since.
  • My daughter really enjoyed today.
  • My daughter loved it!!!!
  • My son loved it!
  • My son has not stopped going on about how much he enjoyed and learned from you both.  There is nothing like passion for education.
  • Thumbs up from my son!
  • My daughter hasn’t stopped talking about your class and she really enjoyed herself.
  • My son said that Mrs History was fab and had real artefacts!  He has been chatting away about it all night.
World War One handling session for KS2 – November 2014 
Mrs History delivered fascinating and thoroughly resourced sessions to launch our whole school topic, World War I. In covering both life in the trenches and the Home Front, the collections are wide-ranging and have given a broad over view of the subject. The children were able to handle original documents and objects and delighted in touching badges and munitions that were 100 years old. They loved the opportunity to dress up in a nurse’s uniform and the soldier’s uniform.  Mrs History’s wealth of knowledge was evident and their engaging manner held the children’s interest throughout the session. This fantastic day, from which the whole school benefitted, has opened up World War I for the children and stimulated much discussion and debate.

V Emmanuel, Brindley Heath Junior School, Kinver

World War One Objects

World War One

A Parent’s Perspective on a Recent Mrs History Romans Session Mrs History delivering hands-on history in schools

Mrs History gave a talk at my daughter’s school about the Romans. My daughter had shown no interest until then, but they really brought history to life. Mrs History told her lots of information about what the Romans did and how that is still relevant today . The talk was delivered in an interactive way so that my daughter actually started to think about what it would be like to live as a Roman. Fantastic!

Ms A Holland, Birmingham

Epic World War I

A busy day last Friday introducing World War One objects to years 1-6 in Castle Bromwich.  Wonderful questions and answers from the children and some great comments.  “This is EPIC” being our favourite!

WW1 recruitment posters

WW1 recruitment posters

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