Children hands on a fossil

Enthusiastic fossil handling with Year 1s


Year 5 Local History Walk in the sun!


Lively, noisy and great fun – Old Toys with 120 Year 2 children

Mrs History Jane standing in front of children, telling them about the church they are sitting in

A visit to a Birmingham church as part of a local history walk with Year 1 children.

A child holding an Ancient Egyptian headrest to the back of his head.

Trying out an Egyptian Headrest during an Ancient Egypt session with Year 5 children.

Two children holding a wooden Scribe's set during a Mrs History Ancient Egypt session.

Discussing the role of the Scribe in Ancient Egypt with Year 5 children.

Children showing the work they produced during a Mrs History Local History session

Fabulous circles detailing the local area created by Year 1 children during a Mrs History Local History session.

Children's hands brushing sand off objects in a sand box archaeology activity.

Sand box archaeology during a Mrs History Dinosaurs session with Year 1 children.

Training presentation in front of a group of adults

Engaging Family Audiences Training at Aston Hall for Birmingham Museums Trust

A young girl's hands colouring in a picture

Stained Glass window activity at Birmingham Cathedral for Heritage Open Days

A chid writing their name on a wax tablet

Inscribing a wax tablet during a Year 5 Ancient Egypt session.


Children moving a bow drill

Hands-on a bow drill with a Year 3 Stone Age to Iron Age session.

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