Devil’s Toenails

We’re often asked by children where we get our objects from (or our ‘cool stuff’ – which is always nice to hear!).  Plenty of the objects are things we have been collecting for many years, some are bought, others are kindly lent or donated to us.  The pieces we are particularly proud of are the ones that have a strong association with the local history of the West Midlands and surrounding areas.

IMG_2104 2

Gryphaea fossil

This fabulous Gryphaea fossil, found on a building site, was given to us recently.  More commonly known as Devil’s toenails, this extinct species of Jurassic oyster once lived on the sea bed, but was found in a place now miles away from the coast.

Objects like this immediately provide a connection between the children we meet and their locality and can fire the imagination of a past time, right there on their doorstep.

For further information about our Dinosaur or Local History sessions get in touch via the contact forms or Contact Us page.

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