The Great Exhibition and your Local History

164 years ago the people of Victorian London would have become familiar with the sight of an incredible ‘Crystal Palace’ rising up through the trees of Knightsbridge.  By 15th April, there would have been just over two weeks to go and the interior of the giant building would have been bustling with people building the diverse displays of The Great Exhibition.  The wealth of Britain’s manufacturing, design and technology at that time was about to be seen by over 6 million people.

The huge greenhouse called Crystal Palace with people in the foreground

The Great Exhibition’s ‘Crystal Palace’

The West Midlands sat at the heart of this industrial showcase.  Birmingham manufacturers such as Hardman & Co (Stained Glass) had prominent displays in the exhibition halls and specific regional industries such as Coventry’s ribbon making, were also represented. Even the glittering ‘Crystal Palace’ had the West Midlands touch with all the glazing produced by Chance Brothers of Smethwick.

To find more your locality’s contribution to key events in British History contact Mrs History for a Local History session.

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