Ancient International Women

As International Women’s Day finishes for another year we thought we would celebrate the powerful women of Ancient Egypt.  There is evidence to suggest that there were more than seven female Pharaohs.  Cleopatra and Nefertiti are two of the most famous – well known for their beauty and political skills.  Others, such as the first accepted female pharaoh Sobeknefru (ruling in 18th century BC) and the long reigning Hatshepsut (15th century BC) were women of influence and power.  The last female pharaoh for almost a thousand years was the 12th century BC female ruler Tawosret whose had many titles including Strong Bull.

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Small Phinx Statue of Hatshepsut from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Small Sphinx of Hatshepsut (Metropolitan Museum of Art photo by Keith Schengili-Roberts (Own Work (photo))

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